Problem: tuning doesn’t hold any longer, cracked soundboard, buzzing/bustling or dull sound.
Solution: new and thicker tuning pins, new tuning block if necessary, new strings (made in Germany), restoration of the soundboard (soundboard will not be removed, otherwise the soul of the instrument will leave along with the soundboard)

In my 35+ years of expertise, I have done cutting edge restorations on antique pianofortes. In order to not diminish the value of an antique keyboard instrument, I like to team Restoration with Repair. The appearance is deceiving, where I hide High Tec in a vintage robe, so to speak!
It is all about original appearance, as well as its functionality where I breathe new life into your piano, bringing it back to its former glory; as close to its original condition as to what it was before!
In a bare restoration, mostly done for museums, under all costs and circumstances, the original materials and substance are conserved and preserved, so those who come after us have an idea of what it originally was. For instance, an old piano that has rusty and snapped strings that are tied together, so the instrument is still in original condition but actually unplayable.
In the repair process, pieces and parts get ripped out relentlessly, in which the instrument loses its soul, because of its lost soundboard. The antique instrument is degraded in value when the main focus seems to be the wrong kind of perfectionism. Every piano built between 1880 and before WWII is from the “Golden Era”. These instruments are hand-crafted, using the highest quality parts. For example, the wood of the soundboard had to be at least 300 years old. The spruce for the soundboard could only come from Bukovina, an area in today’s Romania, where the tree grew on the northern slopes and in an elevation of 800 meters and had no more than 1 meter in diameter in 300 years. Imagine! – these standards are gone and so is the wood, along with the knowledge when to cut down the wood (specific moon faces and only on about 2 days in the whole year).
Working on someone else’s bad repair is the worst possible situation.
To have more love and passion for old instruments, in which one recognizes and respects yester year’s quality, and showing appreciation and esteem to the long gone piano manufacturers, is long overdue and deserved!!
My estimates are free and priced competitively, very high craftsmanship with parts and materials made in Germany with the highest possible quality. You will not be disappointed, workmanship guaranteed, and I will make it just right for you!
Refinishing_Howard Player Eck a
Refinishing_Howard Player Eck b
Restoration_Kurtzmann loose veneer re 3a
Restoration_Kurtzmann loose veneer re 3b
Restoration_Kurtzmann loose veneer re 3c
Restoration_Kurtzmann right leg bottom 2a
Restoration_Kurtzmann right leg bottom 2b